November 6, 2020

*CFTP Bootcamp begins! Members are welcome at no extra charge. This will run for the next 6 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30. There will be a babysitter present. If you have friends interested... It is only $99 for all six weeks! Bring them with you.


7 Minute AMRAP

3 Thrusters 100/653 Chest to bar Pull-ups6 Thrusters 100/656 Chest to bar Pull-ups9 Thrusters 100/659 Chest to bar Pull-ups12 Thrusters 100/6512 Chest to bar Pull-ups15 Thrusters 100/6515 Chest to bar Pull-ups18 Thrusters 100/6518 Chest to bar Pull-upsAnd so on...

Rest 4 Minutes

THEN:8 EMOM1 ThrusterIncrease as able. Goal is as heavy as possible.

CFTP BOOTCAMP4 minutes per station (2 sets and then do DU or jump rope for the rest of the time),1 minute rest between stationsStation 1 (2 rounds): 10 pull-ups 30 mountain climbersStation 2 (2 rounds): 20 Box jumps 15 tricep dipsStation 3 (2 rounds): 25 Push-ups 10 toes to barStation 4 (2 rounds): 20 (10 per arm) KB or DB clean and press 20 (10 per leg) KB farmer carry walking lunges

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