November 6, 2020

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50 ALT DB Snatches

20 DB Box Overs

40 DB Snatches (Tie Break)

20 DB Box Overs

30 DB Snatches

20 DB Box Overs

20 DB Snatches

20 DB Box Overs

10 DB Snatches

20 DB Box Overs

*With any remaining time, accumulate as many calories on the rower as possible

Elite/RX/Masters 35-39/40-44 - #50/35 and 24"/20"

Scale/Novice/ M 44-49/ 50+ - #35/20 and 20"

Here's a reference to the workout standards:

Workout Standards

Movement Standards:

1. Alternating Dumbbell Snatches

The Dumbbell starts on the floor and finishes locked out at the top overhead. At the bottom of the Snatch, both heads of the Dumbbell must start on the floor. The Dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one motion. Touch and Go is permitted. Bouncing the Dumbbell is NOT permitted. The athletes non working arm must not make contact with the body during the snatch. The athlete must alternate arms after each successful rep. If a no rep occurs and the athlete has already switched hands, the athlete does NOT need to go back to the no repped side, and may proceed on the current side the Dumbbell is on.At the top the athletes knees, hips, and arms must be locked out with the Dumbbell clearly over the middle of the body from a profile view. The repetition counts when the athlete is clearly locked out at the top. The athlete may use muscle, power, squat or split snatch, however the athletes feet must return back to neutral with the Dumbbell locked out overhead for the rep to count. 

2. Dumbbell Box Overs

The start of the Box Over Starts with Dumbbell(Single) in grip and finishes when the athlete goes from the top of the box back to the floor with both feet on the ground.With the Dumbbell “In Grip” (one or both hands with a complete grip on the dumbbells center), the athlete will make their way on top of the box **without any body part touching the box. Both feet must be on top of box before descending the opposite side of the box. The athlete does NOT need to stand and extend the hips on top of the box. The athlete completes the rep by having both feet securely on the ground on the opposite side of the box.**Masters 44-49,50+; Scaled/Novice May plant free hand, and may touch box with other body parts so long as “In Grip” is maintained throughout the whole rep! 

3. Rower : Calories

A concept 2 rower must be used for calibration sake. Athletes must have a cleared “zeroed” screen at start of rowing. Athlete must stop rowing at exactly 20:00 min mark, or else last rep will be considered a no rep. 

Filming Standards:

Athlete must film the weight written on the dummbell clearly, they must also use a tape measure that clearly shows the correct measurement of your box in inches. You must also show the rower zeroed out , and be clear that rower is reset before rowing calories. Athlete must remain in the frame during Workout, but the rower doesn’t have to be in full frame ! We suggest you use the WETIMEAPP but if you don’t that’s ok, it’s not necessary to have a timer in the video! If you have any major infractions like video editing or any sense of cheating, you may be asked to resubmit a new video, or may be disqualified from competition!

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