November 6, 2020

WODPart 110 Minute AMRAPTeams of 310 Cal Row10 Cal Bike15 Wall Balls 20/14(Next partner can start after the Cal Bike)

Rest 3 Minutes

Part 210 Minute AMRAP10 KB Swings 53/355 Toes 2 Bar25 Double Unders

BOOTCAMP (10:30 AM)3 rounds of each set, 20 sec on, 10 sec off each exercise,3 rounds of each set, 1 minute rest between setsSet1: Jumping Jack Squat jump Side suicide shuffles Jump lungesSet 2: Sprint T-stand (right) Burpee T-stand (left)Set 3: V-ups 1-2 push Plank punch Sprinter sit-ups Plank punch


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