November 6, 2020

WOD8 Minute AMRAP3 C2B Pullups3 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/656 C2B Pullups6 SDHP9 C2B Pullups9 SDHP12, 12, 15, 15.... And So on

Rest 2 Minutes

8 Minute EMOM5 Muscle UpsScaled = EVEN :10/7 Cal RowODD: Hollow Rocks

SWODPartner or teams of 3 or 4 (Depending on class size)Work up to your 90-100% Bench max and complete the followingComplete 1 rep at the above weight (properly use a spotter)Immediately Strip the weight down 50% bench max reps at that weightStrip the weight down another 50% and complete max reps at that weight

SPARTAN1,000 Meter Row3 Rounds20 Situps80 Flutter Kicks1 Minute PlankThen:3 Rounds10 Strict Pullups10 GHD Situps1 Pegboard Ascent

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