November 6, 2020

SWODTesting500 Meter Rowand500 Meter Ski Erg

WODAMRAPTabata Situps (8 rounds)30 Second restThen:2 Minutes Pullups30 second RestThen:Tabata Russian Twists 53/3530 Second RestThen:2 Minutes Ring Dips30 Second RestThen:Tabata Flutter kicks (count= 4for1)

BOOTCAMP 10:30 AM2 rounds, 3 minutes per stationStation 1- 20 TRX rotations/ 200m row/wall sit for the remaining timeStation 2- 20 ball slams/20 wall balls (repeat until 3 minutes are up)Station 3- 20 high reach sit-ups/ 200 m row/wall sitStation 4- Kettle bell farmer carry 55#/75# w/ increasing burpees every 10 meters.Station 5- Partner sled push (partner gets up on sled and you push them 10 meters, switch every 10m)

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