November 6, 2020

Photo Cred Tyler Dalpiaz

SWOD (Cycle 2 before we max again. 4 weeks till we max again. Stick to it!)Back Squat add 10 lbs to prev 1RM then recalculateBack Squats5@65% 5@75% 5+@85%

WOD3 rounds15 weighted box step ups 53/35 in goblet position @ 24"/20"15 Front Squats 155/105 Comp 185/125

Comp class WOD (Mondays 7:45 PM)*If you are unable to do this WOD Monday nights please choose a different OPEN GYM HOUR to complete it. Not a regular gym hour*

0-15 Minutes15 Muscle Ups (Mod 3to1 Pullups)9-6-3 Power Cleans (155, 185, 205)Then:15 Muscle Ups3-6-9 Front Squats (205, 185, 155)

15-30 Minutes21-15-9-15-21Calorie RowHandstand Pushups

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