November 6, 2020

WOD2 Rounds3 Minute AMRAP20/15 Cal RowAMRAP Sit-ups

Rest 1 Minute

3 Minute AMRAP20/15 Cal BikeAMRAP Double Unders

Rest 1 Minute

3 Minute AMRAP20 KB Deadlifts 70/53AMRAP Box Jump Overs 20"

10:30 AM Bootcamp with Shauna1. 40 calorie Partner Assault bike (20 cal each) and other partner Rip stick (RIP) jack (jumping jack with rip stick)2. 40 Partner wall balls3. 40 Partner med ball sit-up (ab mat ok, med ball sit-up and then throw or pass the ball to partner who is set up on the other side)4. 40 calorie Partner row (20 cal each) and other partner RIP Hockey slap shot, mid shot and overhead shot (Side to anchor, back leg pivots as you give a quick slap shot, then a quick mid shot and an overhead shot BUT HOLD the overhead for 3 seconds and then repeat) ***DO 30 sec one side and 30 sec. the other) NOTE: switch sides at 10 calories5. Partner sled push (20 m. each- there and back)6. 40 Partner Russian Twists

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