10.19.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,The Sunday after WODsomniac. Always a painful but rewarding day. This weekend was so special for me and to be able to see our family compete the way we did. We didn't place in the top three but we finished better than we ever have and we competed valiantly against some very stiff competition. There is something special about going to a competition knowing that you are going to be surrounded by those who believe in you and trust you. Thank you for putting your trust in me as your coach and for continually working to create a place that we can push each other and a safe place where we are all working to a common goal of fitness.This journey to WODsomniac all started months ago when the dates for WODsomniac were announced. I put a paper out on the desk asking for interest in competing. Many of you had no idea what I was asking about but because you are competitors you put your name down. Once a list was finalized I began to look through the list and create teams that would be competitive and teams that would be a good match for each other. The coolest thing about how things ended up is that we didn't create the "A team" and send them off to represent our gym as the rest of us sat on the sidelines and watched. Every one of our teams had a chance and did compete at the highest level. We created 10 teams, that's 40 people! We had 10 of the 24 teams at WODsomniac.The beautiful thing about having that kind of support and those kinds of numbers is the support we receive while we compete. With every WOD we completed there were triple the amount of people on the sidelines yelling for us. When a WOD was completed we were getting with our other teammates and giving them pointers on how to approach and complete the WOD. When we were resting we created our own little athlete's village where we all talked and got to know each other better. I believe Steve called it "The Circle of CFTP Power"


After you all made the decision to compete I saw a change happen in you. You prepared yourselves physically and mentally. Your attitude at the gym changed. You focused on your weaknesses and accomplished things that you never would have tried had you not challenged yourself. When game day came I could see it in your eyes that you were ready. You had finished your preparations and you were ready to show me and the rest of everyone involved what you were made of. I sat back, when I wasn't stressing about the upcoming WOD, like a proud coach and a proud friend and watched as you gave it your all.I am truly impressed with what you all accomplished this weekend and look forward to what is to come. I appreciate your dedication to The Point and your friendship to me. My #1 goal is to create a place where you feel comfortable pushing your limits and where you feel safe being yourself. Each one of you bring a specialness to the gym that is needed, so thank you for sharing yourself with us.Huge shout out to our coaching staff. We owe our coaches all the respect in the world for all the hard work and extra hours they put in making us better. They are always improving and nothing makes them prouder than seeing you succeed. I think it is safe to say you made the CFTP Coaches very proud this weekend.Thanks again for being such great ambassadors for CrossFit The Point. I am so proud to call you my athletes and even more proud to call you my friends.Keep up the hard work and let's continue this trend of competing in upcoming events. Here's a few you can look at in the future.FrankenWOD @ CrossFit GSLhttps://www.facebook.com/events/577736612352052/Fitness Elevated at Wasatch CrossFithttps://wasatchcrossfit.vbotickets.com/event/Fitness_Elevated_2014/7075Tuff Stuff @ CrossFit The Point (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! ;))http://www.tuffstuffevents.com/#!utah-nov-7-8/c1ql3Slave Stealer Fundraiser Throwdown (Rich Froning and other big names will be at this one!)https://www.facebook.com/events/1524652557766946/Take a look at these competitions and sign up and represent!I could go on all day about how proud I am to be your coach and to be an owner at CrossFit The Point but I think I'll save you all the reading.See you all in the gym. Don't forget to get last week's Lurong Living Challenge WOD in before Monday night if you haven't finished it yet.Coach Dan

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