November 6, 2020


Back squat (continued strength cycle... heavier than last week)

15 reps12 reps10 reps12 reps15 repsrest 2-3 minutes between sets


3 Sets for time:

2 Rounds:5 Power cleans (185/125)7 Burpees9 Toes to bar*Complete 2 full rounds then rest 2 minutes, repeat 3 times.

10:30 AM Bootcamp

7 minute stations after all reps completed you will perform DU for the rest of the time, reps are 21-15-9

Station 1:TRX rowTRX atomic push-upsStation 2:Box jumpsDipsStation 3:Star jumpsShoulder TapsStation 4:Russian KB swingsKB racked squats

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