November 6, 2020

SWOD4x3Overhead Squat @ 70%Superset with 30 second KB/DB waiter walks each arm

WOD50-40-30Air Squats30-20-10Bodyweight DeadliftsOrScale down to 70% of your max*Run 200 meters after each round*

METCON2 rounds per set at 45 sec on, 10 sec off, 1 min rest between setsSet One:TRX Bicep curlsMountain climbersTRX Tricep extensionsRussian KB swingTRX Superman Plank jacksTRX curtsy lunge (left)Leg drops (holding green bar)TRX curtsy lunge (right)KB glute bridgesSet Two:TRX squat (opt. jump squat)BurpeesTRX supermansBroad jumppush-upsTRX rowsJumping jacksTRX plank pikeKB sumo squat high pullTRX fliesRussian twists

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