November 6, 2020

SWOD8 EMOM3 Front Squats @ 75%

WOD (BOTV Chipper Individually modified) 25 Minute Cap100 Double Unders80 Wall Balls 20/1460 Box Overs 24/2040 Deadlifts30 Toes 2 Bar20 Bar Facing Burpees5 Rope Climbs

Deadlift weightTier 3 275/185Tier 2 225/155Tier 1 135/95

METCONRelive Metcon Halloween Workout: 1 year anniversary!Halloween Fun Interval Stations: 30 seconds on 15 second rest, 3 roundsGoblin hops (squat jump forward and touch ground with straight back, jump back and touch ground, repeat)DB bicep witch curlsDrop and rolls (8 mountain climbers, drop, roll and repeat-roll back and forth)Suicide battle ropesThriller Russian twistsVampire tuck jumpsPush-ups with a wicked twist at topTricep Dips on boxCash-out: Death by push-ups: From base line, run to line 2 and back and do 1 push-up, sprint to line 3 and back and do 2 push ups, sprint to line 4 and back and do 3 push-ups, etc. After 5 repeat to base line but keep building with 6 push-ups.

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