November 6, 2020

SWODBack Squat5@75%3@85%1+@95%

WODBottom to Bottom Tabata Squat4 Minutes Max Calorie Row2 Minute RestTabata situps4 Minutes Max effort Shoulder to overhead 115/75

*Score is Tabata Squat multiplied by calories + Tabata Situps multiplied by S2O*Tabata score = lowest reps achieved in any given round in the 8 rounds

METCON by Shauna!!! 10:30 AM From now on!

Halloween Fun Interval Stations (aka: candy burner): 30 seconds on 15 second rest, 3 rounds

Goblin hops (squat jump forward and touch ground with straight back, jump back and touch ground, repeat)

KB bicep witch curls

Drop and rolls (8 mountain climbers, drop, roll and repeat-roll back and forth)

Suicide battle ropes

Thriller Russian twists

Vampire tuck jumps

Push-ups with a wicked twist at top

Tricep Dips on box (or TRX band tricep extensions if we can find the bands)

Cash-out: Death by push-ups: From base line, run to line 2 and back and do 1 push-up, sprint to line 3 and back and do 2 push ups, sprint to line 4 and back and do 3 push-ups, etc. After 5 repeat to base line but keep building with 6 push-ups.

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