November 6, 2020


On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:1 Snatch Pull1 High Hang Power Snatch1 Hang Power Snatch1 Low Hang Power Snatch

Percentages:Set #1 - 67%Set #2 - 70%Set #3 - 73%Sets #4+5 - 73-79%, based on feel.

WOD"Rush Hour"

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:15/12 Calorie Assault Bike12 Lateral Barbell Burpees6 Power Snatches (135/95)

Score is slowest round

Athlete Notes and definitions:


Snatch Pull - Arms stay long and loose. We finish here with a big shrug at the top, but we do not actively bend the elbows. Focus here is on bar path, breaking off the ground and keeping in close contact with the body through active lats.

High Hang Power Snatch - Bar at pockets, with shoulders just over the bar.

Hang Power Snatch - Bar is at knee-level, with vertical shins (drive hips back).

Low Hang Power Snatch - Bar is as close to the ground as possible, but not touching the ground. This trains postural strength as we are lowering to a near floor position, but forcing ourselves to control the descent as well as start from a challenging position.

WODIn today’s high intensity interval style workout, the rounds will begin on the 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, and 16:00. The score at the end of the workout is the slowest round of the five. For example, if athletes went 1:30, 1:31, 1:37, 1:35, 1:34, their score today would be 1:37. The weight on the barbell should be something moderate that athletes could touch and go for 9+ repetitions unbroken when fresh.

***THE WHY:***We can place every functional movement we do into one of three categories. The first is monostructural, or cardio movements (rowing, biking, or running). The second category is gymnastics, or movements where we are controlling our own bodyweight (push-ups, pull-ups, burpees). The third category is simply weightlifting (snatches, cleans, squats, deadlifts). The reason we combine these different types of movements, vary the times of the workouts, and vary the weights being used is to create athletes who are good at any possible task that is thrown at them. We don’t want every day to be completed balanced, but today is a good example of a class that combines all three types of movements into one workout.

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