November 6, 2020

SWODBack Squat (New Working Max)3@70%3@80%3+@90%

WOD15 Minute AMRAP10 Back Squats 95/65 (From the ground)Every 10 reps increase your weight. Men by 20 Pounds and women by 10 poundsEvery 3 Minutes Run 200 Meters

METCONMetcon: 30 sec on, 20 sec. Rest/transition and 1 minute rest between rounds1. Squat w/ glute step-up2. Walking planks3. Elevated lunges (rt)4. KB Clean and press (rt)5. Elevated lunges (lft)6. KB Clean and press (lft)7. Box jumps8. TRX squats9. Slam ball push-ups with throw10. Flutter kicks

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