11.16.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,I have the privilege to turn this week's spotlight over to Coach Dave.Hello CFTP Peeps!Dan has asked me to write a few words for this weeks Spot Light. Needless to say that I am not a poet on paper, but whenever we meet face to face I can usually talk your ear off.I briefly wanted to tell you about three observations that have been on my mind over these last few months regarding; strength in numbers, PR’s (personal records), and noticeable quality versus quantity.I’ll start with the first being “strength in numbers.” This is something that our box has a very high reputation for. When we are mentioned by other boxes or at other events, the comments always flood in about how many participants and supporters we have. When any one of our participants take the mat for their respectable heat at an event, it is truly amazing to hear the amount of noise coming from fellow members, family, friends, and loved ones. I would know, because I (like most of you) have had my name announced, and I too have been truly moved to another level of performance unlike any that I have ever experienced in a regular WOD. This played a role this weekend as Tyler Newman and I had the opportunity to participate in the Slave Saver fundraiser event. When our names were announced I was emotionally moved. My adrenaline spiked, my motivation and drive instantly started to focus in on the task at hand. What an awesome RUSH!!! Keep it coming…keep announcing all of the events that you are participating in to all your family and friends of Facebook, because it does make a huge difference to have the roar of the crowd behind you.Which leads me to the next observation, PR’s. I have noticed that a large number of you have been hitting some amazing PR’s lately, but have been hesitant to post about them. Maybe it is because you think that your personal record(s) are insignificant to the rest of us. If that is true, you couldn’t be more wrong. I enjoy seeing, hearing, and reading about everyone’s progression, accomplishments, achievements, milestones in CrossFit. It means that, all of us trainers/coaches, are doing something right! You all know me, and how obnoxiously loud I get when you get a PR in class. If I ever embarrassed you I apologize as those are not my intentions, but nothing more than to give you your due praise and recognition. Even if it’s just holding the top of a handstand for longer than a few seconds, or getting that chin over the bar without any assistance, or finishing an entire WOD using a heavier Kettlebell. Remember, strength comes in numbers so please start posting your PR’s and let us all have the opportunity to celebrate with you.Lastly, I want to talk about quality versus quantity. I love nothing more than going to events to support you and seeing your unquestionable form in action, especially during Kettlebell movements. All the coaches at CFTP cannot stress enough the importance of form. Taking the time to slow something down to really focus on key areas. Take your time! Learn the movement. If you do not understand, please let one of us know. A movement can be explained a million different ways, so maybe the observation of another coach will help in areas you probably do not understand. I love to see members post a video on Facebook asking for others to provide feedback on a movement that they are probably struggling on. I enjoy reading the responses because it helps me, as a trainer, look for areas that I may have missed and can improve on during the initial instruction to you. I say this time and time again on Wednesdays that I don’t give a darn about how much weight you can move, what does impress me is that you can move that weight correctly. Sometimes our competitive side gets in the way, and we tend to throw form right out the window just to put a “good” score or even an RX on the board. Take a second to go back to your basics in foundations and learn the movements correctly. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask a trainer/coach for instruction or clarification. We are here to help, we are here for you!You are all such an amazing group of talented individuals. Challenge yourselves everyday with new goals, constantly strive motivate others, and always have passion in whatever you do.-Coach Dave

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