November 6, 2020

SWOD6 E90O90Complex3 Position Power Snatches + 1 OHS(Starting positions = Ground, Low Hang, High/Hip Hang)AHAP

WOD"Amanda"9-7-5Ring Muscle UpsSquat Snatches 135/95(Scaled ring Muscle Ups will be Bar Muscle Ups or Double the amount of C2b or Regular Pullups)

HEAD TO HEAD CASHOUT (time permitting)You and a partner will cycle through the following... One at each station:1 Minute Rounds5 Cal Ski Then AMRAP BurpeesRest 1 Minute5 Cal Row Then AMRAP BurpeesRest 1 Minute10/7 Cal Bike Then AMRAP BurpeesWinner is whoever gets the most burpees

METCONAssault Bike Workout: 1-2 rounds1 mile easy pace1 mile tempo pace (sustainable discomfort RPE 6-7)2 minute recovery pace (RPE 5-6)1 minute race pace (push hard, RPE 8-9)1 minute easy/recovery paceCash-out: 20 per side med ball side wall slams (10/14), 20 knee med ball slams in center and 20 plate halos

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