11.30.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Me and my sister WODing together. Invite your family to WOD with you!

Good Afternoon CFTP,I want to talk about how grateful I am for all of you. It's such a special thing to have you as my friends. I love being around people who motivate me to be a better athlete and a better person. Every time I come to the gym it gives me the strength to push forward and to set my sights higher.I love hearing your stories on how CrossFit The Point has influenced your life. I love seeing and hearing your success stories. With that in mind for the month of December we want to offer a special for all of you.Our best members come from referrals. When you share your success with others it is contagious and it creates an even more powerful atmosphere for transformation. CrossFit has changed your life and we want to invite you to help us change more lives through referring your friends and family.We are offering a promotion for all referrals. If you refer someone you will receive 10% of their membership fees for as long as they and yourself are members at The Point. This will include businesses that you refer. We have a great business plan for businesses and if you own or work for a business that would like to take advantage of CrossFit then you should have them contact me.For you to be eligible for this promotion you will need to have your referral send an email to crossfitthepoint@gmail.com and make sure to mention that you referred them. We will set up a foundations for them and we request that you join them on their first foundations day. If you have a business interested or want to find out more about our business deals you can contact me at the same email.I know that family can sometimes be hard to convince but if you get them in they will love it. I know first hand how hard it is to get our loved ones through the box doors but when I get to WOD with them then all that hard work of convincing is worth it! I wish my family would join me at The Point, sometimes they do, but I will continue to invite them and I know that one day they will see that it is something that will better their lives.This is the season of giving and the best gift you can give anyone is the gift of healthier living. I hope that you all take advantage of this program because I know that we all know people who can benefit from the atmosphere that is created by you at The Point.I can't wait to see you guys this week and to continue to grow stronger with you.Coach Dan

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