November 6, 2020

SWODMuscle Up/Pullup Skill work

WODBuy-in2 Minute Assault Bike for Calories1 Minute Rest2 Minute Row for Calories1 Minute RestThen:10 Minute AMRAP6 Plyo Pushups6 Air Squats1 Bar Muscle Up**1 Ring Muscle Up****Each round add 6 to the pushups and air squats and add 1 to the BMU and RMU*

**Scaled for BMU will be 2for1 pullups***Scaled for the RMU will be 2for1 ring dips

-Score is total reps + Calories

SPARTAN400 Meter D-Ball Carry 70/5050 Over shoulder D-Ball throws50 D-ball Slams50 D-Ball thrusters400 Meter D-Ball Carry

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