November 6, 2020

WODDeck of Cards

Diamonds = V-UpsHearts = BurpeesSpades = Front Squats 95/65Clubs = Ball Slams 3020

Jokers = 8 Muscle Ups or 50 Calorie Row

METCONTabata Kettle Bell Workout:3 rounds per exercise in a row 45 sec. work and 15 sec rest1. KB Swings2. KB Halos3. Alternating renegade row (in plank row one arm and switch- opt. standing bent over row)4. Sumo high Pull5. KB deadlift6. Alternating lunge and pass7. Alternating swing KB swing After 1 minute rest, 50 sec work and 10 sec rest8. Toe touch crunches (opt. weight)9. Single leg pull over crunches10. Russian Twists11. Side plank raises (opt. knees)12. Other side plank raises (opt. knees)

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