November 6, 2020

We will be completing the metcon first and then taking a short rest. You will then go into your strength portion of the workout.

The Point Test #32 Minutes of Thrusters 95/652 Minutes of C2B Pullups90 Seconds of Thrusters90 Seconds of C2B Pullups60 Seconds of Thrusters60 Seconds of C2B Pullups30 Seconds of Thrusters30 Seconds of C2B Pullups

Rest 5 Minutes ThenSWOD5 Minute EMOM3 Rep Thrusters at 75% of maxRemainder of minute Flutter kicks

METCONMetcon station workout: 1 minute on, 20 seconds off for 3 rounds,1 minute rest between rounds1. Rip stick (RS) squat row (face anchor and squat and arms press out and bottom of squat and pull in at top- switch side of anchor point each round)2. Rip (RS) Rotation (anchor on side, feet stay in position, rip stick presses away from anchor point and returns)3. TRX tricep extensions4. (Barbell) roll outs (load bar heavy and use to roll out for core)5. Box jumps6. Slam ball squats7. Box up and downs (hands on box, legs jump and and return back down quickly)8. Battle Rope switch lunges (Battle rope goes up and down while you lunge and switch)

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