November 6, 2020

*This week’s schedule is as follows: Monday-Wednesday Regular Schedule Thursday (Christmas Eve) Regular Morning hours. No Noon or evening classes. Friday (Christmas) No Classes Saturday Regular Schedule 8 and 9 AM*

SWOD5-3-1 for both Strict Press and for Front Squats today.5 @ 75%3 @ 85%1+ @ 95%

WOD5 Minute AMRAP of:5 Headcutters5 KB Walking Lunges (Right Hand)5 KB Walking Lunges (Left Hand)5 Handstand Pushups

3 Minute Rest

10 Minutes to find 1 rep max complex of:1- Deadlift1- Hang Clean (Power or Squat)1- Shoulder to Overhead

SPARTAN WOD OPTION30-25-20-15-10-5Calories on RowerCalories on Assault Bike or AirdyneBetween each set complete 50 Meters of Sled pushes 135/90Example: Complete 30 calorie row and then complete 30 calorie bike then do a sled push... Complete 25 calorie row and 25 calorie bike then do a sled push... So on and so forth

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