November 6, 2020

SWOD1-Rep Max Clean

WOD10 Minute AMRAP LadderComplex = Deadlift-Hang clean-Front Squat-Push Press-Back Squat-Push Press from the back1 Unbroken Complex5 Ring Dips10 Pullups2 Unbroken Complexes5 Ring Dips10 Pullups3 Unbroken Complexes5 Ring Dips10 PullupsAND SO ON UNTIL TIME IS UP.During the unbroken sets... If you break, Complete 5 bar hopping burpees before beginning the unbroken set over.Rx weight = 135/95*Score is total reps completed. 1 complex = 1 rep...

SPARTAN1000 Meter RowThen:5 Rounds25 Deadlifts 135/9525 Bar hopping burpeesThen:1000 Meter Ski

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