November 6, 2020

WOD20 Minute Cap1-2-3-4-5Ring Muscle Ups25-20-15-10-5Handstand Pushups2-4-6-8-10Strict Pullups*Round 1 = 1 RMU, 25 HSPU, 2 Strict Pullups

Rest and then complete SWOD

SWOD10 Minute EMOMEven: 10 Meter Handstand WalksOdd: 5-10 Weighted Ring Dips (If weighted do 5)

SPARTAN3 Minutes100 Meter RowMax BurpeesRest 1 Minute4 Minutes300 Meter RowMax BurpeesRest 1 Minute5 Minutes500 Meter RowMax Burpees1 Minute Rest6 Minutes700 Meter RowMax Burpees

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