November 6, 2020

SWOD1-Rep Max Back Squat

WOD8 Minute AMRAP1 Strict Pullup1 Strict HSPU1 Clean and Jerk 135/95Add 1 rep to each round.


Metcon partner workout: 1 minute on, 15 seconds off for 3 rounds, 1 minute rest between roundsPartner 1 Partner 2High Knees (To partners hands) Wall sit (with hands up for partners high knees) switch postionsSkater w/ side med ball pass Skater w/ side med ball pass (switch sides each round)Med ball wall sit w/ pass Burpee on hands w/ pass backCrunch w/ wall ball pass Burpee w/ wall ball and pass back (you will need 2 balls for this exercise)Cash-out: TRX abs and core

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