November 6, 2020

SWOD3x4 Snatch Pulls3x4 Power Snatches3x4 Snatch BalanceThis will all be done at a practice weight. If after your first set you and the coach feel comfortable you will increase your weight.

WOD14 Minute AMRAP2 Bar Muscle Ups2 Ring Muscle Ups3 Hang Power Snatches 115/752 Bar Muscle UPs2 Ring Muscle Ups6 Hang Power Snatches2 Bar Muscle Ups2 Ring Muscle Ups9 Hang Power SnatchesSo on and so forth... Muscle ups stay the same; Power snatches increase by 3 each round.

SPARTAN WOD3 Rounds30 Plate Burpees 25/15 (You will do the burpee with the plate in your hand and stand up and hoist the plate above your head.)100 Meter Sled Push 135/9030 Calories on the assault bike

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