November 6, 2020

SWOD12 Minute EMOM4 Minutes on each movement3 Strict Press2 Push Press1 Push Jerk or Split JerkGoal is to go as heavy as possible on each movement. 3 Scores will be recorded. Your 3-rep max strict press, 2-rep max push press, 1-rep max jerk.

Rest 3 Minutes

WOD12 Minute AMRAP5-10-15-20... And so onV-upsSnatches 75/55

Bootcamp (10:30 AM)HIIT style workout:3 rounds of the following with a 30 minute cap40 Goblet Squats30 Sit-ups20 Push-ups w/ feet elevated on plates (decline)2 minutes Row40 TRX switch lunges30 Mountain climbers (2 for 1)20 Plate push-ups2 minutes Row40 burpees alternating Tuck jumps (20 of each)30 V-ups20 pull-ups

Cash-out is EMOM: Plank and Russian twists for 6 minutes

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