November 6, 2020

Happy Groundhog Day... In that spirit!

There will be a CrossFit Kids class at 4 PM. We are going to continue it through February. If your kids are interested please have them come give it a try!

WOD3 Minute AMRAP15 Handstand Pushups15 Toes 2 Bar15 Box Jumps 24/2015 Calorie Row15 Calorie Bike

Rest 2 MinutesRepeat 4 Times. Start each round back at the top.

SWOD10 EMOMEVEN:Complex: Power Clean, 3 Front squats @ 75% of Clean maxODD:Plank. Extra challenge = L-sit hold off pullup bar. Even bigger challenge = L-sit on parallettes

SPARTANLadder Sprint work10 Rounds30 Foot ladder sprints : every 5 feetAfter each ladder immediately complete the ladder 1-4 of Pushups and strict pullups

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