November 6, 2020

WODThe Point Fitness Test #1 (Retest)

6 Minute AMRAP75 Wall Balls 20/14Then:Max effort double unders for the remainder of the time.

Rest 2 Minutes

6 Minute AMRAP75 KB Swings 53/35Then:Max effort line hopping Burpees for the remainder of the time

- Score is total reps

SWOD3 Rounds (Untimed)5 Back Squats @ 75%5 Weighted Pullups

METCONHIIT style workout:3 rounds of the following with a 30 minute cap40 Goblet Squats30 Sit-ups20 Push-ups w/ feet elevated on plates or Dball or Medball (decline)2 minutes DU40 Switch lunges60 Mountain climbers20 Plate push-ups2 minutes DU40 burpees and Tuck jumps30 V-ups20 pull-upsCash-out is EMOM:Plank and Russian twists for 6 minutes

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