2015 Fall Lockdown Week 2 WOD

November 6, 2020

Ok!!! Here's the week 2 Fall Lockdown WOD. I'm going to go over some rules first. This is once again a one and done WOD. You will have one attempt to complete it. You may complete it at any time during the week before Saturday night. This will be the gym WOD on Friday for those of you who would like to wait until then to do it. This week we will be doing a Throwdown on Saturday. I have decided to make it a two session throw down. There will be one at 10 AM directly after the Saturday morning classes and there will be another one that will start at 1 PM. You are welcome and highly encouraged to complete your WOD on Saturday. The atmosphere will be awesome and we will be doing the heats to put you up against those close to where you are in your standings.


FALL LOCKDOWN WEEK 2 WODSThis will be a two part WOD consisting of WOD 2A and WOD 2B. Please read the rules and standards closely. Each WOD will be scored as 100 points.WOD 2A (6 Minute Time Cap)Then 2 Minute RestWOD 2B (15 Minute Time Cap)WOD 2A (6 Minute Cap; Minutes 0-6)6 Minutes for both partners to find max weight on the following complex:Clean (power or squat)Hang Squat CleanShoulder 2 OverheadRules for WOD 2A:One bar will be used per partnership. Men will use a men's 45# bar and women can use a bar of their choosing.Round will begin with both partners at stand-by position, and the bars unloaded.At 3.2.1.GO! The partnership will begin loading their bar and will begin their attempts. Both partners are allowed to help load and unload the bar.Both partners must find their max under the time cap. Only the heaviest complex successfully lifted by each partner will count.Complex must be completed unbroken. (Meaning that after completing the first clean the athlete must go directly into the hang clean without the bar coming to the ground. Then from the hang clean to the shoulder to overhead.) Each movement must be completed fully prior to moving onto the next. A THRUSTER STRAIGHT FROM THE HANG CLEAN WILL NOT COUNT. You must stand up the hang squat clean and then complete the shoulder to overhead movement.Standards:Clean: The bar must be taken from the ground and brought to the front rack position. Any variation of clean will be allowed. I.e. Squat clean, Power clean, Muscle clean, Split clean.Hang Squat Clean:After the clean is successfully stood up to a full lockout position then the bar must be brought below the hips into the hang position without allowing the bar to go below the knees. From this position the athlete will complete a successful hang squat clean. The hang squat clean must be brought to the shoulders from the hang and caught in the below parallel squat position and brought back up to the full lockout position. (you will be allowed to hang power clean and ride it down to the squat.)Shoulder to overhead: The bar will start from the front rack position and brought overhead to the full lockout position. The shoulder to overhead movement will not count until the athlete shows control overhead with their feet brought back under their hips (if you split jerk you must bring your feet together and show control with the bar over your head.) If the athlete drops the bar before showing control then the whole complex will not count.*Athletes must listen for “GOOD” indication from judge on EACH MOVEMENT of the complex before moving on to the next movement to help identify that full range of motion was established.*2 MINUTE REST (Minutes 6-8)THEN:WOD 2B (15 Minute Cap; Minutes 8-23)Male Rx+ and Female Rx30-20-10Thrusters 95/65Pull-ups400 Meter Run after each round.Male Rx30-20-10Thrusters 75#Pull-ups400 Meter Run after each round Female Scaled30-20-10Thrusters 35#Jumping Pull-ups400 Meter Run after each roundRules and Standards for WOD 2BOne partner works at a time, partners complete run together. If one partner finishes run before other partner, you must wait for your partner to reach the mats before you can begin the next round. Wod ends with 400m Run. You must tag your partner, the barbell must be placed on the ground to switch working partner. A tag does not have to be a hand to hand tag. You may tag your partner WITH YOUR HAND on any part of your partners body. You cannot be hanging on the pull-up bar waiting for a tag from your partner. Only one partner on either the pull-up bar or the barbell at a time.If the partnership fails to complete the WOD within the 15 Minute time cap then for every rep not completed we will add 1 second to their time. The final 400 Meter run must be completed under the cap or the 400 meter run will count as 1 rep as well.StandardsThrusters: For the first rep the barbell will start from the ground. Barbell is cleaned up to the front rack position and then the thruster can begin. The hip crease drops below the knee, bar is front squatted, bar is push pressed overhead with elbows locked out. You are allowed to squat clean your first thruster off the ground. A jerk will not be allowed.Pull-ups: Start with elbows locked out hanging from the bar. Athlete pulls their chin above the bar. Kipping, butterfly and strict are allowed. Athlete must return to the full lockout position before performing each pull-up.Jumping Pull-ups: Pull-up bar must hit right below wrist joint, jumping off ground or a box or stacked weights, chin must hit above the bar. Arms MUST lock out at the bottom of every pull-up.

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