November 6, 2020

SWOD5 Minutes to find:AHAP Weighted PullupRest 2 Minutes5 Minutes to find:AHAP Weighted Ring Dip*Score is combined weights of your heaviest Pullup and heaviest Ring Dip*

Rest 3 Minutes

WODFor Time:40 Situps30 Box Jumps 24/2020 Weighted Box Step ups (Dumbbells 50/35 on 20" box)10 Strict Handstand Pushups20 Weighted Box Step ups (Dumbbells 50/35 on 20" box)30 Box Jumps 24/2040 Situps

Spartan1 Mile Bike30 box overs1600 Meter Row30 Box overs1600 Meter Ski Erg30 Box Overs

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