November 6, 2020

Partner WODHOW MANY STATIONS CAN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER COMPLETE?30 MinutesYour goal here is for you and your partner to completely finish as many stations as you can. You may do them in any order and accomplish the reps in any way you like. You and your partner will work on one station at a time with one partner working at a time.

1: 1000 Meter Row2: 60/50 Calorie Bike3: 300 Double Unders4: 50 Burpees5: 30 Strict Pull-ups6: 30 Strict Ring Dips7: 100 Sit-ups8: 100 Meter Single Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge 50/359: 15 Muscle Ups10: 200 Air Squats11: 75 Ball Slams 30/2012: 200 Foot Handstand Walk (5' increment minimum)13: 50 D-Balls over the shoulder 70/50*You may break these up any way you like and jump around from station to station... I.E 5 Rounds: 200 Meter row, 60 Double Unders, 10 Burpees... ETC but you only get a point if you completely finish a station... So plan your attack with your partner wisely!*

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