November 6, 2020

Lindsay in last year's CFTP LockdownPC:Steve Arnoldus

*Don't forget! Friday night 6:30 PM we have our final Friday Night Lights! BBQ and throwdown! Bring your family and friends and sign up for a side if you haven't done so yet...*

WOD3 Rounds15 T2B3 Squat Cleans 205/14515 Cal Row

SWOD"Pick your poison"10 Minute EMOMSEMOM#110 GHD Situps5 Ring Muscle Ups

EMOM#210 Dumbbell thrusters 50/355 Bench Press @ 75%

EMOM#310 D-Ball over the shoulder 70/5010 Ball Slams 50/30

EMOM#412/10 Cal Bike12/10 Cal Row

SPARTANRun 3 Miles50 Burpee Pullups

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