November 6, 2020

SWOD10 Minute EMOMPick two of the following movements that have been in Opens past but we have yet to see them this year. Work on your two weakest.-Thrusters-Overhead Squats-Snatches (Dumbbell or barbell)-Handstand Push-ups/ Handstand Walks-Deadlifts-Box Jumps-Muscle Ups-C2B Pull-ups

WOD2 Rounds2 Minute Moderate Bike (Keep rate above 60/55 RPM)1 Minute Max Sit-ups2 Minute Moderate Row1 Minute Max D-Balls over the Shoulder 70/502 Minute Moderate Bike1 Minute Max Box Jump Overs 24/202 Minute Moderate Row1 Minute Max 10M Farmer Carry 35/26

*The goal of the bike and row is to keep your heart rate above 110 BPM throughout the workout while the 1 minute max efforts are meant to push you. We will total up the amount of sit-ups, D-balls, Box jump overs and sprints you complete in the 24 minutes.

Spartan WOD3 Rounds of the above workout but substitute the following:D-Balls = Burpees

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