November 6, 2020

Skills SessionLet's take the first 30 minutes of class to focus on some different skills or work on some strength of your choice.Muscle UpsHandstand WalksHandstand PushupsPullupsMobilityOr anything else you might want to take some extra time to work on before the WOD

WODTabata (8 Rounds each movement)20 Seconds on 10 seconds off; 1 minute transition between movementsBikeHand Release PushupsD-Balls Over the Shoulder 70/50Dumbbell Snatches*Score is total reps completed in all tabatas.

SpartanRun 1 MileThen:3 Rounds10 Burpee Strict Pullups500 Meter Row1 Peg Board AscentThen:1 Mile Run

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