November 6, 2020

SWODBack Squats20 AHAP

WOD (Fitcon WOD 3)“Bear on a Ladder”

Station 1: In 2 minutes, complete – 10 Bear Complex (95/65)Station 2: In 2 minutes, complete – 8 Bear Complex (135/85)Station 3: In 2 minutes, complete – 6 Bear Complex (165/105)Station 4: In 2 minutes, complete – 4 Bear Complex (185/125)Station 5: In 2 minutes, complete – 1 Bear Complex AHAP

If you fail to complete the given complexes in the given timeframe you will continue at that weight until the 10 Minutes is up. Total score will be weight lifted.

Cashout: 10 - 50 Meter Sprints

Rules pasted from official Bear on a Ladder WOD

If you make it to the 5th and final station, where it asks you to do 1 rep as heavy as possible, it is the athletes choice to strategize and choose what amount of weight they'd like to attempt. You may have as many attempts as you'd like in your 2 minutes at station 5, but only your heaviest successful bear complex will count towards your score.*Score for the workout equals: Total Weight Moved (Reps x Weight)*For example - If you made it through all 4 stations, but did not successfully complete 1 bear complex at station 5, your score would equal 3,760lbs for men, and 2,460lbs for women. As another example, if a male athlete was unable to complete their 6th bear complex at station 3, they are eliminated, and their score for the workout would equal 2,855lb's. (10x95 + 8x135 + 5x165)*At station 5, a minimum of 190'lb's for men, and 130lb's for women must be attempted. It is at this station where strategy comes into play, and you must determine what weight you are capable of, while at the same time, not getting greedy and risk not completing a successful rep to add additional weight to your total score.*What is a Bear Complex? One rep equals....1 Power Clean1 Front Squat1 Push Press1 Back Squat1 Jerk from behind the beck (may split if you want to)*HOWEVER - each part of the bear complex does not have to be it's own. You are allowed to blend them together. Meaning, if you'd rather not power clean it, then front squat it, and then push press it as though they were 3 individual movements, you can blend them together. As in, doing a squat clean and straight into a thruster. That would count as your power clean, front squat and push press.*IMPORTANT - If you prefer not to blend the movements together, and instead do them individually, you MUST do a push press after your front squat. A push jerk here will NOT count. The only push jerk allowed is after you have done your back squat and the barbell is resting on your back. If after the front squat you do a push jerk, rather than a push press, you will have to start that rep completely over from the beginning.


"Triple 3"3,000 Meter Row300 Double Unders3 Mile Run

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