November 6, 2020

Partner WOD8 Minute AMRAP50 Pull-ups40 Cal Row30 D-Balls Over Shoulder 70/50

8 Minute Max1 Power Clean2 Front Squats1 Jerk

8 Minute AMRAP50/38 Ring Dips400 Meter Run Together (worth 40 points)30 Handstand Push-ups

*Two Scores:Score 1: Total reps accumulated as a team in the two amrapsScore 2: Heaviest weight lifted from both partners added together

Spartan WOD800 Meter KB Farmer Carry 35/26400 Meter Med Ball Carry 20/14200 Meter D-Ball Carry 70/50*Count the number of times you set down your kettlebells or drop your ball. Each time you do, add 10 Burpees to your workout. The burpees will be completed when you return to the gym and before you move onto the next segment. i.e. If you drop the KB during the carries 3 times. You will completed 30 Burpees before moving to your Med ball carry.

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