November 6, 2020

Gymnastic WorkFor the first 20 Minutes of class, work on a gymnastic movement of your choice and get warmed up on your Deadlift weight.

WOD"Deadlifting Karen Quest"2 Rounds75 Wall Balls 20/1420 Deadlifts 255/175 (Scaled weight = 70% of your 1-rep max)*Each time you break any of your sets up, complete a 200 meter run before continuing. A broken set would be any time you stop on your wall balls or any time you let go of your deadlift bar or rest at the bottom of your deadlift reps.*

Spartan WOD Option"Half Clovis"Run 5 Miles75 Burpee Pull-ups*Break up the reps any way you like... Meaning you can break it up like so; 5 rounds: 1 mile run + 15 Burpee Pull-ups) or you can go straight through.

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