November 6, 2020

SWODOverhead Squats5@ 65%5@ 75%5+@ 85%

WOD30 Overhead Squats 95/6530 T2B30 Front Squats 135/9530 Ring Dips30 Back Squats 185/125

*Every time you drop the bar you will do 7 Bar Hopping Burpees before you can continue** Every time you drop down off of the bar on T2B you will complete 7 Pullups before you can continue**Every time you drop off the rings on Ring dips you will complete 7 Pushups before you can continue*

SPARTAN10 Rounds100 Meter Sprints1 Minute Rest in betweenThen:5 Minutes of:Burpees5 Minutes of:Rowing (Calories)5 minutes of:Bar Muscle Ups

Score is your slowest Sprint time and your total reps.

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