November 6, 2020

Don't forget about the Olympic Lifting class at 6:45 with Taylor Chiu. Also, for all of you in the Lurong Summertime Challenge Amy Robinson will be here tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 8:30 AM to measure. She will also be here Tomorrow night (Wednesday) from 7-9 PM. Please try to be here between those times to get measured. If you can't make it either of those times please contact Amy via the email she sent you.


20 Minutes

Strength Complex

Rx 53/35 Rx+ 66/44 Comp 70/53

5 - KB Goblet Squats

15 - KB Russian Swings

40 - meter KB Goblet carry

Repeat this sequence for 5 total rounds WITHOUT putting the kettle bell down. Each time you put the Kettle Bell down you will be assessed a 5 burpee penalty to be done at the end of the workout.


10 Rounds

50 meter sprint every minute on the minute. Done as a class.

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