November 6, 2020

SWODDeadlift (Take percentages off your working max)5@75%3@85%1+@95%WOD17 Minute AMRAP15 Wall Ball 20/1435 Double Unders3 Power Cleans @ your choice in weightScore = Total weight lifted + 1 pound for each double under and wall ball completedExample: Athlete chooses to do 100# and they complete exactly 6 rounds. Score would equal weight moved (18x100=1800) + 1lb for every Wall Ball and Double Under (50x6=300) for a total score of 2,100 lbs.Spartan WOD25 Minute AMRAPAll with a D-Ball 70/50200 Meter D-Ball Carry10 D-Balls over Shoulder10 Burpees over D-Ball20 Meter Bear Crawl D-Ball Push

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