November 6, 2020

Schedule Announcement:

Our Yoga Teacher Stacy is back! So Yoga is back on tomorrow at 8 AM

Also at 8 AM we will be doing a Spartan Race WOD for anyone who would like to join. We will be meeting at the Smith's in Herriman!

9 AM and 10 AM Regular Classes

CrossFit Kid's

11 AM - Ages 3-6

11:30 AM - Ages 6-12

Memorial Day will have a WOD running from 8 AM and 9 AM! It is "Murph". Everyone will finish. We will stay till everyone is done!


2 person team 30 reps, 3 person team 45 reps3 rounds200 m partner carry30, 2 for 1 wall ball sit-ups 20/1430 TGU 53/3520 med ball cleans

Tag in of team member includes 10 air squats. While one person works, partner holds plank or wall sit

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