November 6, 2020

SWODStrict PressAdd 5 Pounds to previous 1-rep max then take 90% Then3 @ 70%3 @ 80%3+ @ 90%

REPEAT FROM 4.5.2016 (Check your April Score and try and beat it!)

WOD400 Meter Run50 Double Unders400 Meter Run40 Pullups400 Meter Run30 Bar hopping Burpees400 Meter Run20 Plyo Pushups400 Meter Run10 Front Squats 225/155

SPARTAN WOD800 Meter Run50 Wall balls 20/14800 Meter Run100 Meter Sled Push800 Meter Run100 Meter Overhead Walking Lunge 45/25800 Meter Run30 Burpees

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