November 6, 2020

Thursday Schedule:
CrossFit: 5:30/6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30/Noon/4:45/5:45/6:45
Burn: 6 AM
Zoom Burn: 8 AM
High Fitness: 9:30 AM
Olympic Weightlifting: 6 PM
Barre Fitness: 7:30 PM

CrossFit Workout of the Day
"Kettlebell Thursday"
Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups
*Start light and build in weight. Successfully complete 3-5 reps on each side before moving up in weight

KB Swings 53/35

After Each Round:
20 KB Push Presses (10 each arm) 53/35
300 Meter Run

Burn Workout:

8 min AmRapin :40 complete 5 burpee over DB +max effort Thrusters14 min EMOMOdd: 15 squat jump ups ⁣Even: 12 plank single-arm sliders (6 per arm) ⁣

YouTube Workout: https://youtu.be/O71JTfqRaP0
AbMat Sit-ups

After Each Round:
10 Double Dumbbell Push Press (50's/35's)
50 Meter Double Dumbbell Walk*

* 1 Arm Overhead + 1 Arm at Hang

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