6.22.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP,

FIRST AND FOR MOST... CONGRATULATIONS SHAYNE DAY! You represented CFTP well and I appreciate your willingness to represent us in a world of anti CrossFit. I know that it isn't easy to wear our name on your shorts as you compete when fellow StrongMan contestants probably give you guff about it. We are proud to have you represent us and can't wait to prepare you for your next meet and get you stronger and faster. You are an inspiration to us all and you will be a star in whatever avenue you pursue in the fitness industry. Can't wait to see just how far you will go.

This week is the start of the nutrition challenge. All of you who have signed up should have received an email from our nutritionist, Amy, and in that email it explains just what the Zone Diet is and the rules for the challenge. You can also check out my initial spotlight post about it a couple of weeks ago. http://point-fitness.com/coach-dans-sunday-spotlight-6-8-2014/

Check that out and if you have any questions you can email Amy at xfitnutrition@gmail.com.

Remember, if you signed up for the Bod Pod you need to be on time. We have individuals signed up every 10 minutes from 10:30 in the morning until 9 PM. So we need to make sure everyone is on time so she can stay on schedule. Also, NO FOOD OR DRINK OR EXERCISE 2 hours prior to the scan. Bring your money with you. They accept cards and cash.

I am really excited for this challenge. I am proud of all of you for signing up and striving to make a lasting change in your life to eat healthy. You all work so hard in the gym and you need the nutrients that comes from a balanced diet to perform at your peak. Use Amy. She is a huge resource to you and will help you learn to eat healthy. She cares about your wellbeing and wants to see you succeed. We are so lucky to have her as part of our team at The Point.

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to The Point. You all are great examples to those around you about what it means to be healthy and strong. Remember, even when you don't think people are watching, they are. Always strive to be that example that you can be proud of to your friends, family, and children.

Last little bit... IT'S SPARTAN TIME!!!! This Saturday we will be taking on the Beast. You have prepared and now it is time to take on the 12+ mile, 25+ obstacle relay. For those of you interested in coming and cheering on our team our early runners will be taking off at 8 AM and our later group will be starting at 11:45. I am going to be there all day and going to make a party out of it. Come join us and cheer on all these awesome athletes. You will be able to watch as our friends run through the mud and over obstacles. It is a blast and sometimes all that is needed to keep moving is the support of our friends and CrossFit family!

This week is going to be AWESOME!

Coach Dan

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