6.29.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Sorry we weren't able to get all our competitors together... A few were still running and a couple were out at the cars... This is the best we could do.

Good Evening CFTP,I have very little time to post this and still be honest in calling it a Sunday Spotlight... :). But I am filled with pride today. As I look back at what you all accomplished this past weekend. We had 24 individuals compete at the Spartan Beast and finish the Spartan Beast. That statistic alone is impressive to me. To take it a step further... OUR TEAM CAME IN SECOND PLACE OVERALL!!! 2ND!! Only team ahead of us was either a pro team or a team full of cheetahs because that is the only way they could have beaten our speed demons!


Personally it was a great eye opener for me. It taught me that I, and you, can do anything we really want. As all of you may or may not know I have a little competitive streak in me. This was by far my best Spartan Race I have ever competed in and I will tell you why. I trained and I trained hard and I trained smart. I did not do it alone. I did it with friends with similar goals, all of you. I swallowed my pride and I asked for help. I set up trainings with the Utah Pro, Brian Hoover, who taught me and the rest of our team things I never could have figured out my own. James Moody opened his house up to us and we were able to practice and ask questions. This is what it takes to become great at something. You need to surround yourself with greatness.I could have shared many different things that I learned this past weekend but I wanted to share this one because I want you to know that our goal at The Point is to surround you with greatness. surround you with great coaches, with great facilities, with people who truly know their stuff. Now it is up to you to take advantage of us. We are there to help you. Ask us and after you ask us LISTEN! Believe it or not there are people better than you and have been doing it longer than you. Swallow your pride and listen. We all cannot be the best at everything but we can all learn something new and improve things that we struggle with. After you ask and listen and learn then you must put it into action.After all of our training we had to go out there and test ourselves to really see what we were made of. Have a purpose in mind when you train. Have a goal. The Spartan Beast was my goal and I accomplished it... Does that mean I am done? No way! Now onto the Spartan Sprint in August. Constantly have something you are working towards and you will always be progressing. This goes the same in the CrossFit arena. We have huge competitions coming up and I expect great things from our gym this coming fall in events like Tuff Stuff and WODsomniac and IronwoRx if that comes through.Last part I want to talk about is the Nutrition Challenge. Looking at the board and it looks like everyone is doing really good. Remember to put your stickers up every day you are there. 4 WODs a week, 7 Days of food journal, and your extra challenge. This weeks challenge is 20,000 meters on the rower. Just like Amy said, come in and do it before class or stay late and get a few thousand in after class. Stay strong and eat healthy!This week is Hero week and I hope that you all take the time to think about the Heroes that we are WODing for. Take some time to research them and prepare yourself daily. Day one is Whitten.Stay healthy and strong. Set goals and achieve them. Use your resources; i.e. your coaches.Coach Dan

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