7.13.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

Dave, Ryan, and Myself about to take off on our Half Marathon this past weekend. Competing with friends makes the journey so much better!

Good Afternoon CFTP,Start of another week means the start of another set of goals for us all. Be sure to be setting weekly goals to help you towards your larger goals. Two big competitions coming up in the coming months. First is WODsomniac... This event will be in October the 17th and 18th. Love this competition and we plan on taking it by storm once again. Strength in numbers. We have a lot of guys signed up... Now we need to pair them up with some of our strong ladies. This is a great first competition for those who have never competed before. We will all be there together and supporting each other. I'll be sure to put you on a team that you feel comfortable with and will have the most likely case to succeed. Be strong and sign up early so we can get you all put on teams and training.Also, Tuff Stuff Event is coming to our home gym! It is on November 7-8... This has some great prize money and should be really fun. I'd recommend committing to both. We always train better when we have something to train for.This week we have some special prizes going out to those of you who go 100% on this week's Nutrition Challenge. That means starting tomorrow you keep your log, you come in 4 times, and you complete the extra challenge for the week before or on Friday! If you do this you will be entered into a drawing for a pair of Real Salt Lake Club Seat tickets for this Saturday's home game! We will be giving out two pairs of tickets. This is over $200 value for the pair! Let's see who is up for the challenge!Here is the email from our nutritionist Amy Robinson:Happy Weekend, Everyone!

You are half way done with the challenge! It will be over before you know it...and it will be time for the Bod Pod again to see how you did!

This week's extra challenge will be 500 sit-ups, 500 lunges, and 500 air squats. You should have some nice abs and buns by the end of next week. ;)

Week 5's extra challenge will be a "skill" - if you aren't good at it now, you will be...and that's the only hint you get!

Attached is a 14 block meal plan. Next week I'll put together a 17 block or something similar to help out the men :)

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Check your email for the meal plan.

Good Luck everyone!

Coach Dan

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