7.14.2015 Cory P. Swapp Memorial WOD

November 6, 2020

We lost one of our own this past week and we want to celebrate his short but wonderful life through this Memorial WOD. The Swapps have also asked us to use this tragedy in raising awareness for the local non-profit organization Quit Trip'n. Here is what Quit Trip'n is all about.


Our goal is to create safe environments for teens to have a place where they are able to share their stress and personal struggles.

We are not counseling. We are a free community based resource providing support for teens and young adults struggling with various relationship stressors in their life. We believe that when a person struggles with relationships whether it be with: themselves, family, friends, school, etc, it can have negative effects on their self-esteem, self worth and self-image. This may lead to unusual behaviors, isolation from family and friends, lack of motivation and focus towards school, depression and anxiety. In extreme cases it can lead to addictions, extreme risk taking behavior, self harm, suicidal feelings/thoughts and sometimes actions.

Along with this memorial WOD, with the help of Coach Amanda, we have set up a gofundme account for all of you to donate to help this organization prevent this from happening to anymore of our friends. This truly is becoming an epidemic that needs addressing and Quit Trip'n is creating an environment where these young people can find peace and safety.

Here is the link to the gofundme account. Please donate if you can.

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