November 6, 2020

*Schedule announcement: In observance of Pioneer Day, this Friday, the 24th of July (NOT TOMORROW!) we will only be open during the morning classes and the CrossFit Kids class will be cancelled. No noon or afternoon classes on Friday. Thursday classes will be regular hours and so will Saturday morning.*


12 Minutes

Station 1 - Complete 30 seconds of Sled Push 4 45# plates/3 45# plates

Station 2 - Complete 30 seconds of Situps

Station 3 - Complete 30 seconds of Ring Dips

Station 4 - Row for 30 seconds

Rotate to next station on the call of rotate. Begin next station work every minute on the minute



Deadlifts 315/215

Bar Muscle ups

(Modify bar muscle ups 2 for 1 Chest to Bar Pullups)

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