November 6, 2020

At the Olympic Lifting Class tonight Coach Taylor introduced you all to the Olift Open. Here is the link. You all should join us! It's really a great way to get one on one advice from an expert.

SWOD - 25 Minutes to establish:

Bear Complex AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)

What's a bear complex, you ask?It's a barbell complex that consists of 5 rounds of 7 sets of the following sequence:

Power Clean

Front Squat


Back Squat


You can't set the barbell down until each round is complete. Rest as needed between rounds, but keep increasing the load on the barbell until you find your max. Your score is the max weight with which you were able to complete a full round.


7 Burpees

20 Meter sprint

6 Burpees

20 Meter Sprint

5 Burpees

20 Meter Sprint

4 Burpees

20 Meter Sprint

3 Burpees

20 Meter Sprint

2 Burpees

20 Meter Sprint

1 Burpee

20 Meter Sprint

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