November 6, 2020


Push Press

2x5@ 70%

2x3 @ 80%

Split Press

3x5 @ 80% of your strict press max

WOD - Chipper (You can start wherever you'd like and choose to do the WOD in any order you would like but once you start something you must finish the full amount called for in the WOD)

50 Wall Balls 20/14

40 Front Squats 115/80

30 Box Jumps 30/24

20 Ring Dips


Run 800 Meters

Row 1000 Meters

(Catch.. Each time you break up wall balls, front squats, ring dips, or HSPU you owe 3 burpees before moving on. i.e you drop the wall ball before you hit 50 reps... You must immediately drop down and perform 3 burpees before moving on.)


1600 Meter Run

50 Meter Bear Crawl

1200 Meter Run

50 hand release pushups

800 Meter Run

50 2-count mountain climbers

400 Meter Run

25 T2B

200 Meter Sprint

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